Tom Vice Thomas E. Vice
Corporate Vice President,
Sector President,
Aerospace Systems
Jeff Grant Jeff Grant
Sector Vice President and General Manager, Space Systems
Brian Chappel Brian Chappel
Sector Vice President and General Manager, Autonomous Systems
Patricia McMahon Patricia McMahon
Sector Vice President and General Manager, Military Aircraft Systems
Janis G. Pamiljans Janis G. Pamiljans
Sector Vice President and General Manager, Strategic Systems
Navale Sunil Navale
Sector Vice President, Business Management & Chief Financial Officer
Chris Hernandez Chris Hernandez
Sector Vice President, NG Next
Tim Frei Tim Frei
Sector Vice President, Global Strategy and Mission Solutions
S_Linsky Stuart Linsky
Sector Vice President, Engineering and Global Product Development
Art Lofton Art Lofton
Sector Vice President, Global Mission Excellence
Heidi Hendrix Heidi Hendrix
Sector Vice President, Human Resources
Walter Page Walter Page
Vice President, Associate General Counsel and Sector Counsel
Thomas Tomlinson Thomas Tomlinson
Sector Vice President, Global Operations
Cynthia Curiel Cynthia Curiel
Sector Vice President, Communications
Brent Toland Brent Toland
Vice President, Information Technology & Chief Information Officer
Liz Romo Liz Romo
Director, Internal Audit
Michelle Scarpella Michelle Scarpella
Sector Vice President, Global Logistics and Operational Support
Dale Burton Dale Burton
Sector Vice President, Chief Technical Officer