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NSWC Crane, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems Division (SRSD) provides full spectrum life cycle support for systems engaged in the intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance enterprise. SRSD subject matter experts identify emerging Warfighter sensor and collection requirements utilizing a technology surveillance process that identifies opportunities for transition, innovative application, and commercial application in-sourcing. Through close relationships with the requirement managers, resource sponsors, and end user operators, SRSD successfully fields solutions that close technology gaps rapidly and with great effectiveness.


Contract No. N00164-15-D-JT81
Period of Performance 4/27/15 through 4/26/2020
Types Fixed Price, Cost Plus Fixed Fee
Contract Ceiling $49 million
Security Requirements Established at the Delivery Order level up to TS/SCI


Design, engineering, fabrication, and test of intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance components and systems. The scope of this effort shall include provision of engineering development models (EDM), pre-production units (PPU), and low rate initial production (LRIP). System EDMs, PPUs, and LRIPs shall be designed, engineered, fabricated, and tested.


Technology Area 1
Tagging, tracking, and locating (TTL) systems and their associated situation awareness components that are employed for both friendly, red force, and hostile force tracking. Devices may operate on either commercial or DOD data architectures.

Technology Area 2
PED systems that are interoperable, fusion capable, and contain cross domain solution innovations that considers Department of Defense (DOD), Other Government Agencies (OGAs), and coalition partner implications. Emphasis on the fusion of all source data, multiple ISR sensor data inputs, open architecture backbone, and advanced algorithm implementations.

Technology Area 3
Special communications enterprise solutions which are interoperable within the ISR enterprise.

Technology Area 4
Mobile SIGINT solutions including software defined radio, antenna development, precision geo and direction finding technologies across a variety of threats, SIGINT fusion with other intelligence collection systems such as TTL, Special Communications, and Unattended Ground Sensors (UGS); improved system network capabilities.

Technology Area 5
Sensitive site exploitation technologies for forensic analysis of information technology, mobile communication devices, documents and media exploitation (DOMEX), biometric collections and identification, and physical characterization of site materials/debris.

Technology Area 6
Persistent surveillance systems including UGS, activity sensors and active sensors, UGS controller devices, data infiltration/exfiltration devices, and device network capability.

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