Call For Innovation (CFI) Information Submittal Nonproprietary Information and Employer Certification

Innovation Network

I certify that my submission does not contain any proprietary information, and agree that Northrop Grumman can use any information contained in my submittal without restriction or liability except for any patent rights I have or may obtain therein.

I understand that Northrop Grumman may request that I enter into a Proprietary Information Agreement if we decide to proceed with my submission. However, I will not share any proprietary information with Northrop Grumman until a Proprietary Information Agreement provided by Northrop Grumman is signed by all parties involved.

I also certify that I am an employee of a college or university located in the United States of America.

To certify that you are employed by a college university and your input is not proprietary as described above, submit your proposal by clicking here.