Astro Mesh

AstroMesh perimeter truss 

The AstroMesh Reflector Family is the most advanced and reliable deployable mesh reflector technology available. As with all Astro hardware, our reflectors have a 100% on-orbit deployment success. AstroMesh is the only deployable mesh reflector that can make this claim: No Failures, No Incidents, and No Anomalies. Our successes make AstroMesh reflector systems the choice of premium telecommunication service providers and satellite prime contractors who value mission performance and reliability.

AstroMesh reflectors  

AstroMesh reflectors use a patented "Perimeter Truss" design that is inherently light, structurally efficient, with high stiffness and thermal stability yielding unprecedented surface accuracy. Our reflectors, as all Astro deployables, have a flight proven, robust deployment design that assures deployment in the severe space environment. Unlike other technologies the AstroMesh design allows surface accuracy measurement in a gravity (1G) environment with minimal support. This permits a single surface measurement without the cup up-cup down characterization required by competitor's designs.

AstroMesh Datasheet

AstroMesh Family

An AstroMesh configuration is available for almost every off-set space antenna application. Astro has developed a flight proven family of deployable mesh reflectors capable of excellent RF performance from low frequency (UHF) to high frequency (Beyond Ka-Band) in deployed diameters from 3-meter to 50-meter. Our designs are scalable, inherently stiff, incredibly light with unmatched surface accuracy and free from Passive Inter-Modulation (PIM) which plagues most competitive designs.


AM/AM-1 class AstroMesh 

The AM/AM-1 class AstroMesh reflectors are designed to cover the range of 6-meter to 25-meter deployed diameters. The AM configuration, used on the Thuraya program, was the first generation AstroMesh designed to mount on top of the spacecraft. The AM-1 refined configuration is designed to stow on the sidewall of the spacecraft with a 40% slimmer stowed diameter than the AM version. These are the workhorses of the AstroMesh family with substantial flight heritage.



AM-Lite is the newest addition to the AstroMesh family. The AM-Lite class reflector is optimized for smaller, 3-meter to 8-meter, deployed apertures. This reflector is extremely light, yet stiff enough to allow RF testing on the ground with minimal off-loading. Our AM-Lite qualification hardware has been RF tested with outstanding performance at greater than 50 GHz.



AM-2 class AstroMesh 

The AM-2 class AstroMesh is designed for very large reflector application, 18-meter to greater than 50-meters. Our AM-2 configuration stows in a very compact package; essentially the same diameter as an equivalent deployed diameter AM-1, but in 40% less height. This packaging density is achieved utilizing a unique deployment articulation, but still ending with a deployed truss configuration identical to our standard AstroMesh reflectors.


Design Parametrics

Design information is provided to assist in the preliminary design of a system utilizing AstroMesh reflectors. Please feel free to contact us for further assistance.