About M5 Network Security

M5 Network Security was established in 2003 and is headquartered in Canberra, ACT. We provide cybersecurity services to military, government and large corporations. M5 Network Security's cybersecurity services offering is complemented by a thriving product development practice focusing on the Secure Communications System, and a custom analytics software development group supporting cybersecurity outcomes.

M5 Network Security is a member of a range of panels and is involved in a variety of programmes for federal and state governments in Australia, including the Rapid Prototyping, Development and Evaluation (RPDE) Program.

M5 Network Security’s core team of senior systems architects, engineers, programmers, software developers, and technicians has had extensive training and experience in a wide range of security-related projects.

Capabilities include:

  • Network security analysis and research based on comprehensive practical experience and deep theoretical understanding of the field, gained through years of advanced cybersecurity system design and management
  • Thorough understanding and practical experience in the project management of network security related activities
  • Network security ICT architecture design and accreditation in testing, compliance assessment and advice
  • Electrical, electronic, micro-electronic, and software engineering in network security and related infrastructures
  • Detailed understanding of software development configuration and installation in a network security context
  • Strong experience in the provision of hardware procurement, material management, and integrated logistics support in cyber-security environments
  • Technical writing support experience in the documentation of secure installations and processes

M5 Network Security has the appropriate facilities in our offices in Canberra, ACT to safely and securely deliver the required outcome for our clients. This includes Government Accredited Secure Facilities to support the discussion, design and development of solutions in the area of National Security.

Our staff have comprehensive qualifications including:

  • SANS GIAC certification
  • SANS GIAC GREM (reverse engineering malware) certification
  • Information System Security certification (CISSP)
  • Red Hat Engineer certification (RHCE)
  • Global Information Assurance Council Incident handling certification (GCIH)
  • Global Information Assurance Council Assessing Wireless Networks certification (GAWN)