M5 Network Security / Cybersecurity

M5 Network Security - Cybersecurity

M5 Network Security offers a broad range of professional services to governments, large corporate entities and defence departments. The team at M5 Network Security are cleared through the highest levels of security and can aid companies with the various stages of securing your network.


  • Architecture
  • Network security design
  • Sensor networks
  • Data correlation and analytics
  • Data loss prevention

Build and Optimise

  • Security, network and data engineering
  • SIM/SIEM tuning


  • Managed services
  • Secure network helpdesk
  • Third level SME support
  • Classified network signature feeds

Incident Response

  • Tools and automation
  • Analyst and support personel
  • Workflow design, management and automation
  • Post event analysis including loss assessment
  • Remediation
  • On-call assistance during events


  • Threat risk assessment
  • Certification and accreditation
    • ISO 27001
    • I-RAP
  • Compliance
  • Network analysis
  • Penetration testing


  • Building Australia's cybersecurity capability

The team at M5 Network Security have deep technical knowledge and understanding of dynamic and challenging security-related environments, and are committed to producing optimum outcomes for your requirements.

To learn more about how we can help secure your network, please contact us.