M5 Network Security / Research & Development

Research and development is a core activity at M5 Network Security. M5 Network Security houses an established government security accredited team in Canberra staffed by talented software and hardware engineers, developers and support personnel. The team are experienced in a broad range of fields, providing valuable insight into practical necessities when a product is being redeveloped.

M5 Network Security’s particular field of expertise is in the use of IP as a bearer in the Defence and National Security areas, and providing technology to facilitate secure communication using IP. M5 Network Security has invested heavily in research into products, service and ideas related to communication using IP, and this has expanded to further investment into a broader range of tools in industrial design, custom electronics and systems architecture.

M5 Networks Security has invested heavily in research and development over the last two years, representing approximately 20% of the company’s revenue, which enables us to develop leading-edge technologies. Product development is ongoing and includes development of the SCS-50, and ruggedised versions of the SCS-400 and SCS-200, ruggedised SCADA devices, and other items to assist national security agencies with their operations.

Apart from our research and development projects, we maintain our independence and expertise by establishing strong relationships with leading vendors allowing us early access to new technologies and information that will produce the best solutions for our clients.

M5 Network Security offers:

Custom hardware

  • Proof of Concept and Prototyping of cybersecurity devices
  • Miniaturisation
  • Specialist security products

Custom software

  • Kernel development
  • GUI development
  • OS development
  • Driver development
  • Network protocol development
  • Analytics accelerator interfaces
  • Scenario modelling and simulation
  • Voice and real-time protocols
  • Threat analysis

There are a variety of models through which M5 Network Security engages with partners to co-fund (shared risk) or fully fund projects. Both methods have resulted in successful outcomes for research into technology and development of new products.

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