M5 Network Security / SCS-100

The SCS-100’s small and lightweight form factor is designed to allow a single user access to highly secure, classified and unclassified networks simultaneously from anywhere in the world.


The SCS-100 establishes simultaneous connections via Wi-Fi, Cellular, USB Tether, BGAN satellite, Ethernet and ADSL to ensure highly reliable communications, The user can direct the SCS-100 to select the best performing, and/or the cheapest multiple communications bearers.

An intuitive touch screen interface, with pre-saved scenarios, allows the end user to easily configure the system on-site without the need to travel with technical specialists.

Feature highlights

  • Small and lightweight
  • Simple-to-use icon-driven menu control system, minimising training costs and time
  • In-built support for Cellular, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and USB Tether
  • Powered by DC and in-built battery
  • Remote administration and monitoring capability
  • In-built cyber-security detects suspicious and malicious activity and unauthorised connections
  • Suitable for military, governmental and commercial use
  • Available in commercial and ruggedised variants
  • Transportation case options available
  • GPS (requires active antennae)

To learn more about the SCS-100, download the brochure here. Or learn more about the SCS-100 Integrated
Briefcase Solution here.