M5 Network Security / SCS-200

The SCS-200 is a break-through in highly secure mobile environments, allowing mobile users to connect to secure networks using any IP network for transport. Its small and lightweight form factor is designed to allow one to four users access to highly secure, classified and unclassified networks simultaneously from anywhere in the world. To ensure highly reliable communications, the SCS-200 supports multiple concurrent networks via Wi-Fi, Cellular, Satellite, Ethernet, ADSL, and USB Tether. Two intuitive touch screen interfaces allow the end user to easily configure the system on-site without the need for expensive technical specialists.


Feature highlights

  • In-built cyber security detects suspicious and malicious activity and unauthorised connections
  • Lightweight and rugged
  • Crypto-agnostic, allowing reuse of clients’ current encryption system investments
  • Powered by AC, DC, or inbuilt battery, either individually or concurrently
  • Graphical user interfaces for intuitive use without technical training
  • Inbuilt GPS, allowing location tracking
  • Remote administration and monitoring capability
  • Suitable for military, governmental and commercial use

To learn more about the SCS-200, download the brochure here.