M5 Network Security / SCS-NMS

The SCS-Network Management System (SCS-NMS) provides central administration and management of all components of the Secure Communications System. The SCS-NMS is easy to use, removing the need for complex command line configuration. Operations and technical specialists are able to more effectively utilise their time remotely administering and managing systems from a single platform. Remote administrators are also able to prioritise networks being utilised by users according to the organisation's policies and monitor cybersecurity activity. The SCS-NMS is also able to track devices by location and group them, according to location, function, or any other category.

SCS-Network Management System 

Feature highlights

  • Graphical management to simplify control
  • Manages single and multiple instances of SCS components via a single platform
  • Provides configuration and control of access to client application resources by type, location, and security profile
  • Remote Device Management including “remote control” capability
  • Provision of remote system software and configuration updates
  • Control of security zones including member management
  • Role based access control allows the allocation of management functions based on operators’ security profiles
  • In-built logging supports detailed auditing functions
  • Automated reporting functionality

To learn more about the SCS-NMS, download the brochure here.