Sonoma Photonics

VIS, SWIR, & MWIR Coated OpticsHigh Precision Roll Coater, 3' x 1,000'Doubly-Curved Coated Optic632nm Zygo InterferometerEnhanced Plasma Beam Sputtering for Durable &  Environmentally Stable Coatings13" Diameter, Solar Rejection Filter

VIS, SWIR, & MWIR Coated Optics

High Precision Roll Coater, 3' x 1,000'

Frequency selective surfaces and variable resistance films

Doubly-Curved Coated Optic

632nm Zygo Interferometer

Transmitted/Reflected Wavefront Measurement

Enhanced Plasma Beam Sputtering for Durable & Environmentally Stable Coatings

13" Diameter, Solar Rejection Filter

<0.1% Non-Uniformity

Sonoma Photonics, Inc. (SPI) is a leading provider of advanced thin film technologies and products for mission critical applications. We develop and manufacture high precision optical and RF products, materials, and deposition systems to solve our customer’s most challenging problems.

Sonoma Photonics differentiates itself from several thin film suppliers by the following attributes:

  • Heritage aerospace supplier
  • Space qualified materials / coatings / processes
  • Advanced optical materials development
  • Lithography and Patterned Filter development
  • Ferromagnetics & Ferrimagnetics material development
  • Flexible Resistive coatings, FSS, TIC products
  • Roll to Roll Coating and Large area Web Coating
  • Ability to take products from R&D to production
  • Fully equipped metrology and reliability lab
  • AS9100 Quality Management System (QMS) certified