AN/AQS-24B Minehunting System

AQS-24 minehunting system

Advanced Capabilities/Performance Meeting the U.S. Navy's Current and Future Minehunting Challenges

  • The only deployed and operationally proven, high-speed airborne mine hunting system in the world
  • High-resolution, side scan sonar for real time detection, localization and classification of bottom and moored mines at high area coverage rates
  • Laser line scanner provides precision optical identification of underwater mines and other objects of interest
  • Simultaneous operation of Laser with sonar provides gap-filling capability and tactically advanced Target Detect and Target ID modes
  • Thousands of tow hours logged from a variety of platforms

High Resolution Sonar

  • High speed (18 Knot) operation
  • 3" x 3" resolution
  • Object detection and classification
  • Target box cuing

Laser Line Scanner

  • <1" resolution
  • High speed operation
  • Optical imagery for target I.D.
  • Field proven/COTS based