ATSP2 provides rapid access to state-of-the-art technologies and engineering expertise through outstanding industry and government resources.

ATSP2 is the third in a series of engineering services delivery order (DO) contract vehicles managed by the Defense Micro­elec­tronics Activity (DMEA) in Sacramento, CA. DMEA reports to the Deputy Under­secretary of Defense for Logistics.

ATSP2 delivery order contracts have a combined ceiling of $875 million with a 7-year tasking period through Sep 2006. Through full, open, competitive source selections, Northrop Grumman Space Tech­nology has qualified as Prime Contractor on all 3 DMEA engineering services contracts since 1991.

ATSP2 provides fast, efficient access to prequalified industry expertise for compre­hensive solutions to the relia­bili­ty, maintainability, availability, support­abil­ity, capability, and performance deficien­cies and obso­lescence issues affecting discrete electronics, integrated circuits, modules, printed circuit boards, and electronic assemblies, subsystems, and systems.

The exceptionally broad scope of effort allowed on ATSP2 delivery orders includes studies, analy­sis, design, coding, simulation, fab­ri­ca­tion, packag­ing, assem­bly, proto­typing, integration, installation, testing, limited production, and associated tech­nical, func­tional, and management activities.

Clients from DoD, federal agencies, state and local governments, and approved foreign gov­ernments are eligible to use ATSP2. Contractual Engineering Tasks (CETs) identify each clients’ specific require­ments and the clients provide the funds. DMEA is the contracting agency and overall manager for the contract. Clients are typically the task manager for most delivery orders.

After a suitable CET is developed and the ATSP2 Program Office receives task funding, the process of placing a task on contract normally takes four to six weeks, or less.

A Customer-DMEA integrated process team (IPT) enhances the effectiveness and responsiveness of the award/execution processes by facilitating the development of requirements into viable CETs/DOs; producing a technical strategy and schedule; and expediting the handling of changes and issue resolution. The IPT continues through the completion of the task.

The benefits of using ATSP2 include:

  • Quick access to prequalified contractors
  • Reduction of procurement time
  • Reduction of procurement cost
  • Leveraging lessons learned
  • Lower technical, schedule, cost risks.

For further information, or to start a task, contact DMEA or the Northrop Grumman ATSP Office:

Gene Graham, DMEA/MEOP
4234 54th Street
McClellan, CA 95692-2100

Phone: (916) 231-1568
Fax: (916) 643-0543
DMEA Website

Northrop Grumman ATSP Office:
David Thornhill , M5/1262
One Space Park Drive
Redondo Beach, CA 90278

Phone: (310) 814-2784
Fax: (310) 814-7524