Advanced C4ISR: "We're At A Critical Point In The History Of Warfare."

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Knowledge is power, but confidence in that knowledge is priceless – no one appreciates this more than Northrop Grumman's Steve Goldfein, head of mission systems business development.

"With a focus on constantly enabling our customers to make better, faster and more informed decisions, Northrop Grumman's team of engineers and scientists are delivering advanced C4ISR systems that assist defense forces in ways never before possible," says Goldfein.

C4ISR Command CenterThe information age is driving significant and transformative threats to our global security and technological advancements continue to revolutionize the defense industry. The Internet of Things (IoT) is ushering in a transformational shift in the defense industry as well. From a constant monitoring of soldier’s health status to helmets that that give a 360-degree view for pilots – technology continues to explore and evolve beyond its boundaries.

The continued evolution of the cyber domain of warfare has blurred the traditional lines of the physical battlespace adding another layer of complexity to the many domains our military operates in. Aaron Hughes, deputy assistant secretary for cyber policy at DoD wrote in prepared testimony for the Information Technology and National Security Subcommittees of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on July 13, 2016, “One of the [Defense] Department’s key policy goals in cyberspace is to deter cyberattacks.”

Advanced C4ISR provides cyber resilient and secure situational awareness and the ability to anticipate adversary intent, deter conflicts, win faster, protect troops and more efficiently deploy resources.

“Developing new and innovative technologies that work on open and secure networks and offer end-to-end compatibility is something our employees do daily,” said Goldfein. “The sensors, secure communications and other equipment that form the core of today’s C4ISR are designed to give defense personnel confidence in their information and, ultimately, confidence in their actions.”

”Our resilient open architecture systems allow for actionable information-sharing helping forces sense, target, fix and finish missions faster.”


Northrop Grumman's end-to-end C4ISR technology and expertise protects warfighters, accelerates decision making, shortens battles, deters threats and reduces costs.

That's the value of knowing your next move is your most informed. Learn more:

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