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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Mission Management 

Today’s highly data-driven world requires a new approach to computationally assess data-value, one that drives warfighter decisions based on the potential mission demand and impact. Northrop Grumman delivers a decisive advantage through our cloud-native computing solutions to help our customers solve their most challenging missions.

We are changing the paradigm on how our customers collect, process, store, discover and analyze data. Through the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data mission management services, Northrop Grumman is helping our customers more effectively tailor their intelligence to meet mission needs by better understanding how to use a cloud-based platform to advance analytic modernization, automate the environment, integrate intelligence operations and anticipate behavior.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Using our powerful, proven algorithm development and implementation processes, Northrop Grumman has developed artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions integrated into large, complex, end-to-end mission systems that are essential to our national security.

Data Mission Management

Northrop Grumman has the proven expertise in providing cloud-based analytic and data management services throughout federal government including the Department of Defense and intelligence community. Our value based data services enhances system efficiency, increases the speed and robustness of reporting, and can be used to drive future collection. It enables analysts and machines to very rapidly receive highly relevant content and information at the speed of the mission by anticipating and exposing possible associations across data and information.


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