Commercial Joint Mapping Toolkit (CJMTK)

The CJMTK Geospatial Appliance (CGA) by Northrop Grumman is a high-performance server that provides fast and easy access to maps built from National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) data products and commercial data sets. Pre-built maps and services are on the CGA as well raw data formats for you and your users to build custom maps.

Features of the CGA

  • Application Ready Data: Ready for immediate use by multiple concurrent client applications
  • Data Discovery Tools: Enhanced search capability for direct file access of NGA data and associated meta data
  • Content Management Tools: The Content Management tools are a collection of tools that simplify your data management tasks. The main tool in the collection is the Controller, shown in the illustration on the right. The other tools run behind the scenes.
  • Online Documentation: Comprehensive help that includes getting started tips, sample map documents & layer files and network connectivity
  • Locator Server: Utilizing NGA Geonames Gazetteer for location queries by geographic name
  • Data Export Capability: Data extraction capability for off-line users Deliver fast, smart maps CJMTK Geospatial Appliance
  • FalconView Indexing: Out of the box support to maintain and manage FalconView 4.x indexes