Commercial Nuclear Power Services


Northrop Grumman's instrumentation and control (I&C) solutions reduce risk and cost by providing upgrades to aging systems. These upgrades give you the ability to replace data cabinets, control room electronics or both – all without disrupting production. So when you're ready to minimize risk and cost while staying on schedule, contact the I&C experts at Northrop Grumman.

Digital Rod Position Indication (DRPI)

The new DRPI replacement system from Northrop Grumman eliminates aging electronics and provides enhanced performance and reliability. Our "surgical" replacement approach reuses many of your existing components and preserves existing interfaces to reduce installation time, cost, and risk. Flat screen displays mimic existing user interface and minimize impact to operations. Control Board Display and Data cabinets can be replaced at different outages to meet schedule and budget constraints. In short, DRPI provides a path to replace parts as they become problematic providing significant cost savings, quick turn around time and less risk. Download the DRPI datasheet for more details.

Northrop Grumman Electronic Rod Position Indicator (NERPI)

NERPI is a drop-in display card cage replacement for Westinghouse IRPI. NERPI provides reliable enhanced performance and overcomes problems of old analog designs, eliminating sticking of mechanical meters, glare and viewing difficulties, low resolution display, and obsolescence issues.