Eagle Passive/Active Warning Survivability System (EPAWSS)


In the News: Leadership interview with Jeff Palombo (JED, May 2014)

Giving 4th generation fighters a 5th generation edge

EPAWSS incorporates a fully integrated, multi-spectral EW suite that will feature sophisticated jamming, integrated digital RWR/ geo-location and electro-optical/ IR threat detection and decoy capabilities.

Once fully integrated, EPAWSS will extend the service life of the F-15 Eagle to 2035 and will provide superior protection for our warfighters against advanced ground and air threats.

Based on advanced technologies from the F-35, Falcon Edge and the Air Force's recently awarded Electronic Attack Pod Upgrade Program (EA PUP), Northrop Grumman's EPAWSS solution marks an entirely new paradigm for approaching electromagnetic spectrum challenges. By building on economies of scale from existing production lines, EPAWSS helps offset the rising costs of developing an EW system, while providing for an incremental funding approach to future technological enhancements.

Northrop Grumman EPAWSS features

  • Integrated EW receiver and exciter functions
  • Fully digital channelizers and processing
  • Integrated radar warning, ESM, situation awareness, geo-location, passive ranging, self-protection and support jamming capabilities
  • Capitalizes on more than $1 billion in RF and IR self-protection technologies that will be applied in the quickest, most cost-efficient manner possible
  • Maximizes use of resources already in the jets and applies these resources to construct a superior F-15 hardware system.

EPAWSS is Northrop Grumman's sophisticated, cost-effective and reliable solution for the 21st century.

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