G-2000 DTG Gyroscope Product Suite

The G-2000 Dynamically Tuned Gyro comparable to the size of a U.S. penny.

The Northrop Grumman G-2000 two-axis gyroscope offers superior accuracy in a small package. It is the smallest dynamically-tuned gyroscope (DTG) produced and offers high performance, small size, excellent reliability and low cost.

infographicThe G-2000 provides high accuracy for stabilization and targeting gyro-compassing applications in a small package with high shock and rate capabilities. The G-2000 DTG was designed for strapdown use in tactical situations. Its accuracy is enhanced by a servo-electronics card that is specifically tailored to maximize the performance of this two-axis gyroscope. The G-2000 also offers high reliability with an estimated mean time between failure (MTBF) of more than 100,000 hours. More than 45,000 of these highly reliable gyros have been delivered since 1992 and used in a wide variety of military and commercial applications. The G-2000 is planned for long-term full-scale production.

G-2000 applications

  • Two- and three-axis rate sensors
  • Tactical missile seeker & guidance
  • Inertial measurement units
  • Line-of-sight applications
  • Gimbal and platform stabilization
  • Targeting gyro-compassing (NFM)
  • Downhole mapping & measuring (MWD)
  • Camera (EO/IR), antenna and radar pointing and stabilization

G-2000 advantages

  • Smallest DTG in production In full production, 350 to 600 per month
  • Best value to performance
  • <1 °/hr random drift
  • High shock capability (>750g)
  • High MTBF of more than 100,000 hours
  • Qualified for many commercial and military programs
  • A commercial item per FAR 2.101
  • Commercial off-the-shelf product with a lead time of less than six months after receipt of order

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