LCR-100, LCR-100N and LCR-110 Hybrid Navigators

lcr-100N and lcr-110 hybrid navigators

The lightweight, state-of-the-art LCR-100N and LCR-110 systems help companies to save fuel, time and cost.

These new products provide navigation information regarding the aircraft's position, heading and attitude. They are derived from Northrop Grumman's successful LCR-100 Attitude Heading Reference System, but incorporate significant performance improvements, including increased accuracy of inertial measurement units and enhanced utilization of GPS satellite data. In addition, these products help aircraft operators take advantage of Single European Sky and NextGen, the modernization initiatives for air traffic management systems as they shift from radar-based to satellite network controls. The products enable aircraft to follow highly precise routes, which are needed for Required Navigation Performance, a key component of the modernization efforts.

The LCR-100N and LCR-110 offer extended coasting performance that allows them to maintain accuracy and continue to provide navigation information in the event of GPS signal loss. The systems also provide real-time assessment of their current performance.

In addition to the essential features of the LCR-100N, the LCR-110 has a higher level of integrity monitoring. With a tightly coupled INS/GPS design, the LCR-110 features the patented Autonomous Integrity Monitoring algorithm that integrates inertial and GPS measurements to provide highly accurate aircraft position, particularly when errors in the GPS data are detected.

Another advanced product feature is gyro-compassing, which is normally found on standard inertial reference systems and enables the systems to establish precise heading within moments, without using a magnetic flux valve or magnetometer.

The LCR-100 AHRS provides navigation information relating to the aircraft's position, heading and attitude. The north-finding gyrocompass feature eliminates the need for a magnetic sensing unit, similar to an inertial reference system. Additionally, the system's precise inertial measurement unit enables extended coasting performance for the aircraft to continue providing accurate navigation information in the event of GPS signal loss. The LCR-100 is certified to civil standards for commercial off-the-shelf equipment in military platforms.