Anywhere security is under siege…

…Northrop Grumman will be there. Controlling access to classified environments and critical IT infrastructures. Validating cargo and baggage to move swiftly through ports. Keeping personnel records safe from prying eyes. Supporting first responders with instant emergency information. And helping to secure our borders with authentication and criminal identification systems.

Protecting people, property, privacy, and privileges has never been more challenging. Today's sophisticated threats and homeland security needs demand smart security. That's why Northrop Grumman launched its comprehensive line of integrated identification and authentication solutions.

Deployed as enterprise-wide applications, these smart security solutions supply everything you need for:

  • Secure smart identification
  • Ensured authentication
  • Secure intelligent access
  • Surveillance and inspection systems
  • 24/7 monitoring, audits, & controls

Our solutions support a remarkable range of security applications. They credential employees and military personnel with smart ID cards, which can authenticate identities and control access to everything from critical IT infrastructures and classified areas to power plants and refineries. Our solutions scan baggage, cargo, and containers to validate contents and audit shipment records and travel manifests. They use encryption, biometrics, and coding to protect sensitive information and personal data stored on ID cards, networks, and databases.

By networking security systems with 911 systems, we can provide first responders, as they race to emergencies, with immediate information and access to buildings and plants. And, our homeland security solutions can protect borders and other high-traffic areas, employing license plate readers, vehicle surveillance and background checks. With Northrop Grumman keeping guard, even the most volatile and high-risk environments are protected and secure.