Joint STARS Recapitalization – It’s About the Mission

Joint STARS Video

Decisive battlefield awareness and conclusive kinetic combat support – core musts for the most in demand C2ISR weapon system in today’s battlespace. Our sole purpose is to deliver a combat-ready and proven weapon system for the Joint STARS Recapitalization Program based upon these core combat support capabilities. Northrop Grumman places tremendous value in the evolution of the most trusted weapon system for the 21st century. That’s why our offering isn’t an adaptation of another program to meet the Joint STARS Recapitalization mission needs.

While the Joint STARS mission evolved from tracking tanks during the Cold War era, to tracking people in the fight against a more elusive enemy today, the Northrop Grumman team has walked side-by-side with the Air Force in every Joint STARS operation since Desert Storm.

We’ve lived and supported the development of the C2ISR mission with the warfighters since its inception. We are the most prepared team to deliver the next step in the continuing evolution of this critical battlespace mission. We’ve designed and will deliver the preeminent C2ISR weapon system that flies higher, flies longer and provides our warfighters with an unparalleled Battle Management Command and Control of the battlespace.

The Northrop Grumman team knows the mission, we’ve lived it, and we will work tirelessly to give our combat forces an unmatched and absolute C2ISR edge.

Joint STARS Video
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