Kiowa Warrior Mast-Mounted Sight (MMS) Sensor Suite

Kiowa Warrior aircraft with a Mast-Mounted Sight.

Announcing the Mast Mounted Sight-Diode Pumped (MMS-DP) Laser Rangefinder/Designator (LRF/D) 

The MMS-DP LRF/D is designed as a drop-in replacement for the legacy MMS LRF/D, which was also produced by Northrop Grumman. The system allows the U.S. Army's hunter-killer helicopter teams to remain concealed while acquiring and illuminating targets and guiding Hellfire and other laser-guided munitions to those targets from much greater stand-off ranges.

Using advanced diode pumped technology, the MMS-DP laser system performs the same range finding and targeting functions for laser-guided weapons as the legacy system with greater reliability and significantly lower power consumption. Additionally, its interchangeability with the legacy laser enables the Army's Forward Repair Activities to readily replace more than 600 original lasers with the modern, diode pumped version.

 MMS LRF/D heritage

Northrop Grumman produces a high resolution sensor suite for the Kiowa Warrior's MMS. The suite has exceptional sensitivity and accuracy for day/night and adverse weather operation. The suite comprises a thermal imaging sensor for nighttime operation, a low light level television camera, a multimode tracker, and a laser rangefinder/designator. These sensors are automatically boresighted together using an onboard boresighting device. The system is in use by the U.S. Army and Navy and several international customers.