LN-100R Embedded INS/GPS

The LN-100R reduces aircraft power consumption by one third and increases the MTBF by a factor of ten over the system being replaced.

LN-100R Embedded INS/GPS

The reduction in cost of ownership allows for an immediate return on acquisition cost and a full payback in less than five years.

The state-of-the-art replacement for all ARINC 561 inertial navigation systems (LTN-72 and Carousel IV). The LN-100R is designed to fit in a standard ARINC 561 mount and can be installed in place of older systems with virtually no aircraft modifications.

The LN-100R is designed as a "Form, Fit, and Function" replacement for the commercial ARINC 561 inertial navigation systems. The unit is a specially packaged version of the highly successful LN-100G GPS/INS In mass production for multiple military applications for the US Government and other nations worldwide.

The LN-100R can be supplied with an embedded all-in-view GRAM-SAASM GPS system module, or it will operate with an external standalone GPS receiver. Originally developed for the US Navy P-3 INS replacement program (RINU), it has also been installed in the US Marine Corps C-130 aircraft, US Coast Guard C-130, and HU-25 aircraft.

A number of international P-3 operators have also elected to update their P-3 aircraft with the LN-100R. Over 800 units have been delivered to date, with production rates as high as 50 per month.

LN-100R Mechanical Features

  • Fits in a standard ARINC mount with no modifications
  • No change to rear DPX connectors. New front signal connectors and RF connector
  • All modules accessible from the top
  • Cooling air 4.0 pounds per minute at 50'C (nominal)
  • Core LN-100G in front with missionized electronics in rear
  • Four spare card slots; interconnect provision for a spare 128-pin I/O connector; and I/O section modularized for future growth

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