LN-260 Advanced Embedded INS/GPS (EGI)


The Northrop Grumman LN-260 is a flight qualified operational form and fit replacement Inertial Navigation System/Global Positioning System (INS/GPS) that can be incorporated with numerous international and domestic Standard Navigation Unit platforms.

In the news: Northrop Grumman Awarded U.S. Military Contract for Navigation Systems

The LN-260 is a high performance, low cost INS/GPS that utilizes the state-of-the-art fiber-optic gyroscope (FOG)-based inertial navigation sensor assembly with 24 channel Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM) GPS. The LN-260 combines all of the latest SAASM capabilities, including enhanced Complementary Navigation Message.

The LN-260 sensor components offer the highest performance and reliability, lightest weight, lowest power INS/GPS available on the market. The non-dithered, low noise FOG technology eliminates self-induced acceleration and velocity noise. This results in superior navigation and Synthetic Aperture Radar stabilization performance as well as the most accurate target location.

LN-260 advantages

Northrop Grumman's proven and lightweight INS/GPS has several advantages over its competitors. Our fiber-optic gyro is developed from the latest, proven fiber-optic technology and weighs less than 26 lb (11.79 kg). The LN-260 is equipped with three independent navigation solutions: blended INS/GPS, INS only and GPS only. Our INS/GPS solution provides more accurate velocity measurements, superior anti-jamming capabilities and has been highly reliable on each of its military platforms.

LN-260 growth potential

This versatile product is easily integrated with several differential GPS applications such as: Starfire™, OmniStar™ and ZNAV™. The LN-260 will harmonize with M-Code when available and is ready to integrate a Joint Precision Approach and Landing System solution. It can also be tightly coupled with a Standard Positioning Service GPS card. This unit has two spare card slots so it can host additional features as the user defines.