Meter Reading

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Manual, electronic and automatic meter reading for utilities and municipalities

Northrop Grumman provides wireless data collection solutions that make meter reading fast, efficient, and less expensive. Applying leading edge technology, our meter reading products and systems support any type of automatic meter reading you require: walk-by, drive-by, or fixed network.

With over 25 years of experience, Northrop Grumman currently has an installed base of over 1,000 cities and utilities who utilize our meter reading products on a daily basis. All of our data collection systems include a full one-year warranty and ongoing hotline support.

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Northrop Grumman's RouteManager is state-of-the-art information management software designed for data collection systems. RouteManager provides the data path between your billing system and the VersaTerm hand held computer.


In 1994, Northrop Grumman began production of VersaProbe™, a universal probe for touch read meters and registers.

VersaTerm® LX

Northrop Grumman’s VersaTerm® CE is a waterproof, shock-resistant, ultra-rugged handheld computer enabling field workers to efficiently perform their tasks in the most demanding environments.