Asset Management Consulting

Northrop Grumman remains an industry leader in Technology Asset Management. . Our model is the benchmark for integrating operational and technical excellence.

Expert consultants focus on your needs with the recognized industry-best solution:

  • Tailored approach to managing culture change. We've experienced this firsthand!
  • Partnering to train you to implement at your facilities instead of outsourcing control of critical assets
  • No bias towards any specific equipment manufacturer

Realize the benefits of superior financial and operational performance quickly:

  • Increase profitability as cost reductions translate into bottom line results
  • Maximize ROI from your substantial technology asset investment
  • Strategically increase cash flow with best practices over the assets' life cycle, from acquisition to utilization and disposition
  • We can help reduce your risk by selling off idle, excess equipment, to cover upfront costs

Proven success in various industries including Aerospace, Telecommunications, Automotive, and Medical.

Intensifying worldwide competition makes capital allocation more critical than ever. For the past 35 years we have been refining our system to provide the competitive advantage you can benefit from today.