Military Health Clinician App

  • Custom App for Military Health Clinicians that simplifies and streamlines the EHR encounter documentation for military clinicians
  • Intuitive interface that allows the clinician to retrieve critical health information for a specific patient and enter updates
  • Includes core functionality: Military Health Clinician App
    • Appointments
    • Encounter Summary
    • Health History
    • Order Entry/New Results
    • State of the art note writing tool
    • Images
  • Augments the AHLTA architecture to seamlessly extend the functionality of the EHR in a mobile capacity, enabling clinicians to work either from their PC or their mobile tablet.
  • Focused on the patient encounter
  • Simplified user interface centered around the tools needed to document the visit
  • Navigation is intuitive and works within the natural clinic/patient flow

Takes advantage of expanding use of wireless networks, security protocols, and mobile devices.

Appointments Appointments
  • Accesses desktop app data
  • See all appointments for today
  • Displays current status
  • Access Patient Encounter
  • Access other Tasks
Encounter SummaryEncounter Summary
  • View all information gathered on the current  encounter
  • Integrates with current data
  • Shows a snapshot of Patient information to start
  • All sections are collapsible
  • Instant access to Patient Health History
Health HistoryHealth History
  • View all Health History on this Patient
  • Collapse any or all sections
  • Access further information about specific areas
  • Test results that are abnormal are easily identified.
  • Search for key terms within the Health History
Order EntryOrder Entry
  • Create Orders from scratch or choose from pre-configured Order Sets
  • View Orders entered for the current Encounter, or see Orders still awaiting results.
  • Use preconfigured order sets for greatest efficiency