OpenTrac Director

For those with a need to track their entire supply chain from producer to customer, we created OpenTrac Director™. As material ships from producers, toll processors, service centers, and warehouses our system assures accurate tracking within a just-in-time (JIT) environment. The web based OpenTrac Director™ system is designed to provide business-to-business (B2B) transaction communications to and from suppliers and customers. In addition to material tracking, OpenTrac Director™ is also capable of:

  • Managing Customer and Vendor Setups
  • Maintaining Part Profiles
  • Inventory Management
  • Planning For Inventory Needs through Forecasting
  • Organizing Test Results
  • Keeping Track Of Quality Control Statuses
  • Managing Purchase and Sales Orders
  • Customer Invoicing
  • Interfacing With External Accounting Packages
  • Handling Customer Inquiry
  • EDI and eCommerce Messaging
  • Data Validation
  • Report Writing

OpenTrac Director™ provides you with the visibility you need to thoroughly manage your supply chain along with a full set of features at a price that traditional software implementations simply cannot match.