OpenTrac Family of Products

Northrop Grumman offers the OpenTrac™ family of products, providing Web hosted Software as a Service (SaaS). OpenTrac™ Director, Enterprise, and Manager are applications developed to address various enterprise resource planning and supply chain management components.

  • OpenTrac Director™ - A system developed specifically for the "process owner" including large manufacturing producers, Original Equipment Manufacturers or trading and distribution companies interested in managing their supply chain.
  • OpenTrac Enterprise™ - A complete web-based ERP system developed to provide inventory management and tracking capabilities for large process manufacturing companies. It is designed to manage an operation more efficiently and increase the visibility of inventory throughout the supply chain.
  • OpenTrac Manager™ - Is designed to provide transaction management capabilities for processors, service centers and warehouses, linking them to companies that supply and purchase their products and services.

OpenTrac Director™

For those with a need to track their entire supply chain from producer to customer, we created OpenTrac Director™. As material ships from producers, toll processors, service centers, and warehouses our system assures accurate tracking within a just-in-time (JIT) environment. The web based OpenTrac Director™ system is designed to provide business-to-business (B2B) transaction communications to and from suppliers and customers.

OpenTrac Enterprise™

A complete ERP system developed for processors, service centers, distribution centers and producers in the manufacturing industry, OpenTrac Enterprise™ is a web-based system designed to manage an entire business and provide transaction management capabilities to companies that supply and purchase their material.

OpenTrac Manager™

Realizing that there are businesses that need a basic ERP solution not nearly as full-featured as OpenTrac Enterprise™, we created the OpenTrac Manager™ system for small and medium processors, service centers, and warehouses in the manufacturing industry.