Propellant Tanks

Propellant Tanks  

Northrop Grumman is the world's leading producer of titanium propellant tanks used in government, scientific and commercial satellites, launch vehicles, and space explorers, with more than 600 designs qualified and more than 6,400 tanks delivered. The tanks have been a part of nearly every large U.S. launch vehicle and geosynchronous earth-orbit satellite, with 100 percent reliability.

Northrop Grumman propellant tanks have landed on Mars, Venus and the Moon, and have visited every planet in the solar system. They have been an integral part of nearly every major space-exploration vehicle, including Cassini, Mariner, Pioneer, and Voyager. Launch vehicles with Northrop Grumman tanks have included Delta III and Delta IV, the space shuttle and the entire Atlas family of vehicles.

Northrop Grumman’s capabilities include design, manufacture, and testing of propellant and pressurant tanks such as pressure management (PMD) tanks, diaphragm tanks, pressurant tanks and motor cases.

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