Command and Control Applications

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CommandPoint™ provides a comprehensive suite of solutions for incident and event management that are robust, cost-effective, and maintainable. Our command and control application suite is fully customizable to meet a variety of public safety needs/environments.

The CommandPoint™ Suite includes the following applications:

CommandPoint CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) – The command and control system for public safety computer-aided dispatching and resource management. Features include: multi-agency scalability, configurable user preferences, increased speed in execution of commands, and collapsible windows

CommandPoint Mobile – The application interface between the CAD system and the field units provides efficient dispatching and unit statusing of field units and ease of use in accessing data. Features include: A flexible easy-to-use display, simple & user-friendly terminal-to-terminal messaging as well as precise and convenient dispatch notification

CommandPoint AFR (Automated Field Reporting) – Enables law enforcement units to complete reports quickly and accurately through Dynamic form flow, thus increasing their time in the field.

Northrop Grumman provides the most advanced technology solutions to the First Responder Community and to public safety agencies across the country. Our command and control application systems enable dependable 911 services for millions of people worldwide.

 CommandPoint Map – Mapping application designed for real-time command and control situations supporting Automatic Vehicle Routing and Recommendation (AVRR)/Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL).

CommandPoint Law Enforcement/Fire RMS (Records Management System) – Provides the ease of use in collecting, sorting, and managing data for reports, and inspections, which increases productivity. Features include: Modular design, power search, and online mapping

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