RF Control Bus Monitor

RF Control Bus Monitor

The RF Control Bus Monitor decodes the highspeed, digital, forward path RF Control Bus commands from the JTRS GMR, sends them via USB to a PC and displays the decoded commands in an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) in an easily readable form. The RF Control Bus Monitor is transparent to all devices connected to the RF Control Bus and can be connected anywhere in the chain.

The GUI allows up to four different RF Control Bus devices to be monitored at a time, including a VHF/UHF Power Amplifier (VU PA), a Wideband Power Amplifier (WB PA), a Ground Cosite Mitigation Device (Ground CMD) and a Satellite Communications Antenna Interface Unit (SATCOM AIU). The GUI displays the RF Control Bus commands that are received along with the actual hexadecimal data. A timestamp is displayed with every decoded command. RF Control Bus data received by the GUI can also be stored in a log file for reference or future use.

Northrop Grumman's RF Control Bus Monitor is an ideal tool to use when testing and integrating RF communication systems employing the JTRS Ground Mobile Radio (GMR).

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