Northrop Grumman's RouteManager is state-of-the-art information management software designed for data collection systems. RouteManager provides the data path between your billing system and the VersaTerm hand held computer. This comprehensive software package is designed to offer:

  • Extensive custom configuration to provide information management flexibility
  • Import and Export capabilities of ASCII data
  • Toll-free Customer Support hot-line
  • User-definable Templates
  • Integral Crystal Reports® for easy customization of management reports
  • 'Point and Click' and 'Drag and Drop' Simplicity
  • Route splitting
  • Route Re-Sequencing
  • Online Context Sensitive help
  • Multiple levels of Security
  • Back-up and Restore function to ensure data integrity
  • Fast Route Loading and Unloading
  • 'Radio-Ready' for easy AMR implementation
  • Polling and Unattended Operation
  • Real-Time Status Monitoring
  • Windows 98, NT, 2000, and XP Compatibility

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