Virtual, Interactive and Collaborative Training Resource/Environment (VICTR/E)

Virtual, Interactive and Collaborative Training Resource/Environment (VICTR/E)

Virtual Training Systems (VTS) at Northrop Grumman has developed a system for training that includes the use of an immersive environment called the Virtual Interactive Collaborative Training Resource Environment – “VICTR/E”.

VICTR/E immerses students into a realistic Tactical Operations Center (TOC), or any other real-world warfighting scenario that requires tactical and situational awareness. VICTR/E students experience equipment operation in a simulated environment by providing a platform for training operation and maintenance of equipment. VICTR/E is coupled with simulators and simulations to drive scenarios in the virtual world, using original equipment manufacturer (OEM) hardware devices to operate virtual equipment in the 3D environment.

VICTR/E also interfaces with VTS’ conversational artificial intelligence called Synthetic Adaptable Intelligent Entity, or SAdIE. SAdIE verbally interacts with users in normal conversation, answers questions concerning any topic and delivers overviews or seminars on a specific subject.

Configuring VICTR/E for remote connections allows users to participate in collaborative training via various types of data links. Remote users can log into VICTR/E from a desktop, mobile device or other VICTR/E platform. This gives users a great deal of flexibility whether they are conducting or participating in training events.

Offering a wide range of capabilities, VICTR/E is well suited to any type of training, in any type of environment, in any location.

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