What is a VersaProbe™? In 1994, Northrop Grumman began production of the VersaProbe, a universal probe for touch read meters and registers. The universal touchread compatibility of the VersaProbe eliminates the burden of carrying several devices to accommodate meters from different manufacturers without any delay in the meter reading process. It enables cities and utilities to purchase meters under open, competitive bidding to acquire the best pricing without concerns about compatibility with existing meters and reading equipment.

Patented in 1997, the VersaProbe was redesigned in 2009 to improve reading and product reliability, versatility, and maintainability. The new probe can display more data, read more meter types, store more readings in probe memory, and be easily adapted to new touch read technologies. It is nearly 15 percent lighter than the previous model. Additionally, our new Bluetooth wireless RF interface option eliminates the need for a cable connection to our VersaTerm® hand-held computers as well as to hand-held computers from other manufacturers.

Northrop Grumman’s hardware and software provide the features, maturity, and ease of use evolved from over 27 years experience in the application of hand-held systems for data collection and 22 years dedicated to meter reading technology. More than 1,000 cities and utilities use the VersaProbe in their daily meter reading operations.

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