Virtual Training System

Northrop Grumman’s Virtual training System incorporates advanced interactive technologies that engage students in a way no other training system ever has. Because the users are actively involved in the learning experience, they more readily absorb the training within a shorter amount of time and retain that information far longer.

VTS Makes Training More Engaging

Today, Northrop Grumman’s third-generation VTS is delivering sustainment and refresher training to U.S. Army units. The VTS is a powerful training tool.

VTS’ cost-effective content update methods and reusable environment deliver higher cost savings over other training methods. The authoring tools allow for the rapid simulation of hardware and software systems that can communicate with each other when necessary, giving students the powerful tools they need to learn today’s complex embedded systems.

Enhancing VTS

Northrop Grumman is expanding its VTS capabilities, creating tools that combine training scenarios and support mission-based training.

Additionally, Northrop Grumman is developing battle management visualization capabilities for VTS supporting training at command echelons down to the individual dismounted Soldier, useful from the command level to the foot soldier. This will allow systems such as sensors, weapons, command and logistics to be simulated for every operator.

With the addition of learning management capabilities, the VTS will allow users and course administrators to view training statistics for individuals and groups, and to track course completions.

VTS Features

  • Allows students to gain a greater level of immersion and tactical experience
  • Delivers content in a reusable environment
  • Represents real-world environments more accurately and at a lower cost than other mediums
  • Adjusts to users’ experience levels, allowing them to train at their own pace
  • Supports multi-layer gaming for team or multi organization scenarios
  • Configured to access a live database and update its content with the most current training scenario or simulation
  • Provides a lighter, easy to maintain system, with the ability to support rapid deployment schedules via remote software and sharing of training modules
  • Enables third-party development of training modules using versatile COTS software

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