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The OmegA™ rocket is one of Northrop Grumman’s largest strategic investments. A new, American intermediate-and large-class space launch vehicle, OmegA is capable of launching the full range of national security missions required by the U.S. Air Force, as well as science and commercial payloads for other customers.

OmegA’s design leverages commonality and automation to provide speed, reliability, performance and affordability. Already, approximately 500 Northrop Grumman employees are working on OmegA, and that number is expected to grow to approximately 1,000 over the next 24 months. Hundreds of other jobs are also being created in our extensive supply chain.

OmegA uses all-American propulsion and other flight-proven technologies, and will be ready to fly in just three years. Like other Evolvable Expendable Launch Vehicles (EELVs), OmegA will operate from both east and west coast launch facilities. OmegA will share common propulsion, structures and avionics systems with current and future programs. In addition, OmegA will leverage current in-production programs that already are staffed with a skilled and highly experienced workforce, and will use existing facilities, supplier relationships and available subsystems for the new launch system’s development and production. Because OmegA shares so many common elements with other programs, the system is affordable for the Air Force while also providing savings of approximately $600 million to other government agencies over 10 years.

OmegA will be the largest and most capable in a long line of Northrop Grumman rockets. On average, Northrop Grumman builds 20 rockets and launches 14 each year, and has designed and built a new rocket every two years for the past decade. The U.S. currently relies on Northrop Grumman launch vehicles and propulsion systems for its most critical national security and civil space programs, including strategic missiles, missile defense systems, target systems and manned and unmanned exploration programs. OmegA builds upon this heritage and proven track record for reliability and affordability to expand the company’s existing capabilities while providing the Air Force and other customers with a proven low-risk, low-cost option for launching their payloads into space.

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