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Cyber Lock

Here are some of our areas of expertise in business:

Database Architect
In this role, you'll design, develop, and implement databases. You'll ensure the integrity of data and work with a variety of database management tools. You'll formulate and define system scope, objectives, and database architecture, and devise and modify new and existing databases to solve complex problems.

Intelligence Analyst
Intelligence analysts support restricted programs that advance the gathering, analysis, sharing, and use of open source and sensitive material. You'll assist in the planning, preparation, coordination, and dissemination phases of an analysis report. We also need you to translate, analyze, and evaluate highly sensitive materials.

Network Engineer
You'll be responsible for the technical leadership in the day-to-day operations of our clients' networks, provide support for Cisco routers and switches throughout foreign and domestic networks, and develop detailed designs for network extensions and enhancements. 

Software Engineer
Our software engineers design, develop, integrate, troubleshoot, validate, document, and maintain a wide range of software/information technology–intensive applications, embedded code, user interfaces, databases, graphics, Web applications, operating systems, and other products.

Systems Engineer
Systems engineers work on an integrated team with other systems, software, and specialty engineers. You'll coordinate engineering disciplines in resolving system-level issues, understand system-to-system interfaces, and serve as a proactive troubleshooter.

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