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Not only does our company work to address global climate change, but our business practices do too. We’ve been focused on sustainability for years, but we still find room to get better and greener. Our Environmental, Health and Safety organization is leading our efforts to provide a safe and healthy workplace for our employees and make sure our business activities are environmentally responsible.

As part of our corporate responsibility effort, we practice sustainability at work, encourage conservation at home, and support environmentally friendly businesses and initiatives.

We take those values into the community as well, with our ECO Classroom. This unique program equips teachers with the resources to inspire students to pursue science and technical careers. Together with our nation’s teachers, we’re working to create the next generation of environmental stewards and innovators.

Community outreach is also supported by our employees who recycle, rideshare, and volunteer their time to plant trees, clean beaches, and participate in other activities to protect our planet.

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