Name: Greg
Current Position:
High School intern, Cyber Security Analyst
Education: Chesapeake Science Point Public Charter School
Running, weightlifting, bicycling, cybersecurity/programming projects
Fun Fact:
When I was young, I loved taking apart electronics (but not putting them back together!)

Career Path:
I have known since I was young that I would pursue a career in the computing/cyber-realm. The Cyberpatriot program and an internship with Northrop Grumman have really strengthened my ambitions in pursuing cybersecurity as a career.

How did you find out about Northrop Grumman?
Our school’s cyber-team’s coach informed me about Northrop Grumman internships through Cyberpatriot, so I decided to apply.

What made you interested in cyber?
I have always found it cool to watch hackers in the movies performing their evil deeds, so I decided to learn how it was done. Then I joined our school’s cyber-team and decided to become a cyber-defender.

What is the environment like at your office?
The environment is incredibly friendly, the team is very helpful and hardworking. The team takes their jobs very seriously, but allow for some humor and mellowness.

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