Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups 

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are an industry best practice and a key part of Northrop Grumman’s diversity and inclusion strategy and framework. Across the enterprise, 12 ERGs are made up of more than 200 funded chapters with more than 19,000 members. The groups are open to all employees who contribute as volunteers.

African American Task Group (AATG) facilitates the achievement of sector and enterprise initiatives, objectives and goals by bridging resources of an inclusive work environment on behalf of African American employees. AATG leverages information sharing and networking resulting in a sense of urgency, commitment, and achievement.

Asian Pacific Professional Network (APPN) is committed to fostering Asian-Pacific Islander American (APIA) leadership at Northrop Grumman. This employee-based network encourages APIA employees to seek growth and leadership opportunities.
Connect1NG works to foster an inclusive environment and promote diversity of thought to increase the innovation and engagement that drive Northrop Grumman as a top performing organization.
Gen2Gen is short for Generation to Generation and seeks to bridge the gap between junior and experienced professionals, to increase engagement and professional development opportunities, and to develop a supportive environment. Gen2Gen promotes greater understanding, communication and sharing among generations.
greeNG is an environmental ERG that creates volunteer, environment-focused teams and networking opportunities for all employees interested in supporting the company’s environmental goals and initiatives.

Native American Caucus (NAC) works to mobilize the talents and resources of Native Americans employed at Northrop Grumman and to gain recognition through networking and support from all levels of management, as well as other groups who share a common goal of diversity in the workplace.
Northrop Grumman Women’s International Network, also known as NGWIN, provides women with a forum for networking, development, knowledge sharing, community outreach and recruitment; and produces opportunities for advancement, leadership and mentoring.

A powerful arm of NGWIN, called NGWIN-STEM, works to develop our technical workforce and those interested in science, technology, engineering and math.

One Adelante connects employees that share an affinity toward Hispanic and Latino culture throughout Northrop Grumman. One Adelante encourages activities that not only promote individual development, but foster knowledge sharing, relationship building, and collaboration.

Pride in Diversity Alliance (PrIDA) fosters an inclusive environment for all employees by making a difference in quality of life at work for LGBT workers and allies. PrIDA engages in community support, corporate responsibility, and outreach.
Source for Parenting Resources, Opportunities, Understanding and Teamwork (SPROUT) is committed to fostering leadership by reaching out to all employees helping to raise children. SPROUT strives to develop a sense of community and empowerment by enabling networking, providing a support system and mentoring opportunities to facilitate career growth and development of leadership skills, and community outreach.
Veterans, Employees, Reservists Inspired To Act and Serve (VERITAS) is committed to recognizing and supporting active duty, Reserve, National Guard and veterans through community outreach and networking programs aligned with company and sector-wide business objectives.
Victory Over Impairment and Challenge Enterprise (VOICE) enhances disability awareness, personal and workplace development amongst all employees. VOICE strives to develop a sense of community and empowerment for individuals with disabilities, advocates, and employees with family members with a disability.

A Welcoming Workplace

ERGs reflect our committment to diversity. Learn about our other diversity and inclusion programs that help keep the workplace welcoming and accepting.