Education Outreach Initiatives

Northrop Grumman Education Outreach Initiatives 

High School Involvement Partnership (HIP)

High School Involvement Partnership (HIP) Palm DaleHigh School Involvement Partnership (HIP) was established in 1971, partnering with our community schools, with nearly 7,000 students benefitting from this program. High School seniors participate in this "hands-on" job training program for 17 weeks and earn high school credit. HIP has been recognized by the President's Service Award in 1996 and again in 2005, when 35 employees were also recognized by the President for their commitment to this program. In addition, the program has received numerous awards for Northrop Grumman's commitment to partnering with our schools, including awards from California's Congress and State Assembly.

Partner in Education Program

Partner in Education ProgramNorthrop Grumman facilities engage in our local education communities as partners in education.  Through these outreach programs, the company provides financial and educational resources to help meet the schools education needs. We seek to inspire young people to set goals and one day maybe even become a STEM professional.

Engineers Week

Partner in Education ProgramNorthrop Grumman employees and sites across the company participate in Engineers Week (US –February) and Global Day of the Engineer (International - April). We partner with DiscoverE to provide STEM outreach in the US and around the world to help expose students to STEM and Engineering. Students in many of our local communities engage in hands-on activities and exposure to engineering through classroom visits, as well as site visits and tours. Recognizing our commitment to increasing exposure and opportunity for women in STEM, some Northrop Grumman sites also participate in National eWeek Girl Day.

Manufacturing Week

Manufacturing WeekNational Manufacturing Day is a nationwide effort led by the Department of Commerce, during which businesses across the country open their doors to exhibit manufacturing expertise and to address the skilled labor shortage in manufacturing and its significance to the U.S. economy. It is also a celebration of modern manufacturing that serves to inspire the next generation of manufacturers. Northrop Grumman engineers across the company celebrate the day by teaming up with local students through classroom tours and site visits.