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Northrop Grumman Corporate Responsibility 

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What is "Building Partnerships for Stronger Communities"?

"Building Partnerships for Stronger Communities" is a corporate-wide effort with the belief, “The power of one, multiplied by many, equals the potential of an entire community." Throughout our long heritage of innovation dating back to the 1930s, we have been a company driven by values. One of those values is treating people with respect and providing the education and development needed to help people grow.

How does Northrop Grumman view "Building Partnerships for Stronger Communities"?

We are enthusiastic and energized around these programs. By bringing people together and making our efforts more consistent, we can harness and unite the incredible potential of people. In turn, we collectively broaden and deepen our many community partnerships.

What Organizations and Activities do you support in my Community?

To read about our employees' volunteer efforts in the community and around the company, click on our "In Our Community" page, our "Employee Involvement" page and our "In the News" section.

What is the "Community Partnerships in Motion" newsletter? How do I get a copy?

Launched in 2006, the "Community Partnerships in Motion" newsletter highlights the exciting community connections Northrop Grumman employees are making each day. To download the most recent electronic PDF copy, click here.

What is the Employee Matching Gift Program?

Please click here for information on the Employee Matching Gift Program.

What are the Charitable Giving Guidelines?

Please click here for information on the Charitable Giving Guidelines.

How do I apply for a Northrop Grumman Foundation grant?

Please click here for information on Northrop Grumman Foundation grants.

How do I get more information about community-related events and activities?

Whether you're a Northrop Grumman employee or community neighbor, contact your nearest Community Relations representative.

Why is volunteerism important to Northrop Grumman?

Northrop Grumman now employs 65,000 people in all 50 states and 25 nations. Volunteerism is a key way to harness the power of so many people and realize the potential of entire communities.

How do I volunteer for a community project?

For more information about how you can start "Building Partnerships for Stronger Communities," click here.