OpenLine Process

OpenLine Process

The right choice isn't always obvious. The Northrop Grumman OpenLine offers a confidential way to ask questions, voice concerns, or report a suspected violation of our Standards of Business Conduct.

OpenLine — (800) 247-4952

The Northrop Grumman Corporate Office of Ethics and Business Conduct provides a nationwide 800 number for anyone who would like to seek guidance on an ethics or compliance issue or concern or would like to report a violation. That number is (800) 247-4952. It is a toll-free number answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by an independent third party. Web reporting is also available at: International employees can access the following OpenLines:

Europe: 0041 43 300 6805
Taiwan: 00801-10-4175
Japan: 00531-11-2025 or 0066-33-830278 or 0034-800-900365
China: 10-800-711-1007 or 10-800-110-0935
South Korea: 00308-13-2323  

OpenLine callers may identify themselves openly, remain anonymous or request confidentiality. Retaliation against any individual who in good faith reports a concern will not be tolerated.

The Corporate Ethics and Business Conduct Office, with reporting requirements to the Compliance, Public Issues and Policy Committee of the Board of Directors, is responsible for the Northrop Grumman ethics program.

The program is administered in each sector by a lead Business Conduct Officer (BCO) working with a Sector Ethics Committee and local BCOs.

The OpenLine Process

Getting answers. The OpenLine is one of Northrop Grumman's support processes. It's a confidential resource for guidance. Your Business Conduct Office can help you get answers that may not be readily available elsewhere.


Northrop Grumman OpenLine

U.S./Canada: (800) 247-4952
Toll-free, anonymous
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Link: Web Reporting

International Open Lines

Australia:​ 1-800-07-9315
Belgium:​ 800-100-10 ID (844) 286-0069
Denmark:​ ​800-100-10 ID (844) 286-0069
France: ​0041 43 300 6805
Germany: ​0041 43 300 6805
Hong Kong: ​800-96-1461 - From an outside line dial the ITFS number for your location
Italy: ​0041 43 300 6805
Netherlands: ​0041 43 300 6805
Norway: ​800-12049
Singapore: ​800-110-2358 - From an outside line dial the ITFS number for your location
Switzerland: ​0-800-890011 ID (844) 286-0069
United Kingdom: ​0808-234-6456
Taiwan: 00801-10-4175 (Taiwanese and English)
Japan: 00531-11-2025, 0066-33-830278, or 0034-800-900365 (Japanese and English)
China: 4006612167 (Prompt 1-Mandarin 2-Cantonese 3-English)
South Korea:​ 00798-14-800-6599, 00308-110-480 or 00798-1-1-009-8084 (Korean and English)
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: 1-800-10-966 ID (844) 286-0069
United Arab Emirates: 800-555-66 or 8000-021 ID (844) 286-0069