Trade Associations

Northrop Grumman Corporation 

Policy Regarding Trade Association Membership

Northrop Grumman pays regular dues to various trade associations. Northrop Grumman does not normally make additional, non-dues contributions to these organizations to support the organization’s political activities. In the event that Northrop Grumman does make payments to trade associations that are designated for political purposes and are beyond the required annual dues, company policy is to disclose such contributions as part of its annual reporting.

Some trade associations utilize a portion of membership dues for non-deductible or lobbying purposes and they may make expenditures for independent communications to the general public that expressly advocates the election or defeat of a clearly identified federal candidate. These associations provide Northrop Grumman an estimate of the amount of our membership dues they use for lobbying purposes.

We publicly disclose and update annually on a list of those trade associations to which Northrop Grumman paid $25,000 or more in annual dues, the total contribution to each such trade association and the amount of our contributions that each such association estimates are used for non-deductible or lobbying purposes.