2017 DODIIS Worldwide

2016 DoDIIS Worldwide 

Mission Proven Experience Delivering the Promise of Effective Innovation

As new technical and mission needs are identified, increased efficiency and standardization will be more important than ever. Northrop Grumman is committed to creating mission-critical tools for the next generation. With our expertise and integrated data capabilities, we deliver secure, resilient solutions and services that support the ongoing transition to IC ITE, therefore transforming the enterprise.

Northrop Grumman will be participating in DoDIIS Worldwide at booth 200. Hosted by The Defense Intelligence Agency Chief Information Office, DoDIIS takes place August 13-16 in St. Louis, Missouri.



Northrop Grumman engages the user in every step of design and development to improve the quality and efficiency of future tradecraft and knowledge management. Our mission-driven innovation process, IMPACT, allows our experts to design systems and tools so analysts can focus on the mission - not the software.



Northrop Grumman's Enterprise Performance Monitoring capability plugs seamlessly into existing environments to aggregate critical system and application performance data and tools in a customizable dashboard. Automated alerts provide early identification and resolution of issues, reducing down time. This shift from the current reactive, stove-piped operating approach to a comprehensive real-time view of system health provides a proactive solution for managing an enterprise.



Rapidly changing data needs to be quickly fused to determine trends and potential threats. Our automated ingestion process eliminates manual indexing and tagging, saving the analyst time and effort, and our unique algorithms and innovative platform-agnostic analytic services allow analysts to create custom mission visualizations in a collaborative space accessible in the cloud and on mobile devices.

LYNXeon cyber Pattern Analysis Platform

LYNXeon Cyber Pattern Analysis Platform

LYNXeon Cyber Pattern Analysis Platform empowers cyber analysts to detect and disrupt cyber threats. Through an unparalleled combination of data fusion, big data analytics and network visualization, LYNXeon provides cyber protection teams with unprecedented network situational awareness to enhance the cyber hunt.

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Value Based Enterprise Solutions

Value Based Enterprise Solutions will change the paradigm for collection, processing, storage, discovery and analysis of data. Intelligent "data value" based approach manages intelligence enterprise functions within the Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) enterprise according to its potential mission demand and impact.

Trusted Mobility (TEMPO)

Trusted Mobility (TEMPO)

Trusted Mobility (TEMPO) is an integrated enterprise mobility platform that provides a holistic approach to managing the technical, policy and security gaps present in today's fragmented mobile ecosystem. TEMPO provides a trusted and secure mobile platform to protect an organization's users, applications, devices, and data - regardless of location or mission - whether on personally owned or corporate-issued devices.

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ACE is the Northrop Grumman multi-level, zero client system that provides seamless desktop access to applications and data from multiple security domains using a single wire. ACE is based entirely on open source technology to reduce and control costs.

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