31st Space Symposium

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We at Northrop Grumman know the outer reaches of our universe like the streets we grew up on. We've got the best minds on earth under one roof and we use them to solve the toughest problems in space.

Northrop Grumman will highlight its employees and program successes at the 31st Space Symposium, as articulated through four "Welcome to Our Neighborhood" themes, each adding value by performing crucial civil and military missions.

  • Neighborhood Watch – Northrop Grumman engineers are helping keep a watchful eye around the world with space-based missile warning programs, including Defense Satellite Program (DSP) and the Space Based Infrared System (SBIRS).
  • Protecting Our Neighborhood – Northrop Grumman is working to ensure the safety of our nation with missile defense systems, such as Space Tracking and Surveillance System Demonstration (STSS-D) and the MDA Battle Management/Command and Control BMC2.
  • Connecting the Neighborhood – Northrop Grumman knows that assured (protected) satellite communication is crucial for future security and innovation, and only company that has developed technologies that are truly immune to jamming and other forms of interference.
  • Exploring Our Neighborhood – Northrop Grumman is proud to be part of revolutionizing our understanding of the Earth and universe, and to develop the cutting edge technology to enable those discoveries for programs including James Webb Space Telescope, Soil Moisture Active Passive satellite, reusable and affordable space launch vehicle XS-1, direct imaging of exoplanets with Star Shade, and NPP Sensors.

The spacecraft, payloads and instruments we build are easily recognized for their technical excellence, solid on-orbit performance, and exceptional longevity.

Get to know Northrop Grumman's neighborhood during Space Symposium April 13-16 at the Broadmoor Hotel, Colorado Springs, Colo., Exhibit No. 600.

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