Live Stream - NextGen Workforce for Aviation

NextGen Workforce for Aviation 


From implementing new automation systems to using innovative technologies, sweeping changes are taking place throughout the aviation industry. These changes support the task of modernizing aviation technology, yet the industry faces a human challenge: the majority of current employees are rapidly approaching retirement and will take their expertise with them. What does this mean for the future? New talent is needed to become the next generation of aviation experts.

The NextGen Workforce for Aviation livestream brings together leaders from across the aviation industry to have a discussion about finding new talent, defining career paths and advancing the future of the NextGen workforce.


Carole Hedden


Carole Hedden

Executive Editorial Director
Aviation Week Executive Intelligence
Pam Whitley

Pam Whitley

Deputy Assistant Administrator for NextGen
Federal Aviation Administration
Peter Dumont

Peter Dumont

President & CEO
Air Traffic Control Association
Alex Nakahara

Alex Nakahara

Systems Engineer
Future Technical Leader
Northrop Grumman


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