RobotX Challenge

RobotX Challenge

The Maritime RobotX Challenge is underway in Singapore! Three student teams each from five countries (US, Singapore, Australia, Japan and Korea) are competing to build the most capable unmanned surface vessel (USV). Two Northrop Grumman engineers have been selected to represent the company and offer their expertise as mentors and judges during the competition. Each day, we will provide updates on the competition and insight into our engineers’ experiences at Northrop Grumman and RobotX!

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RobotX Final Standings:
1. MIT/Olin College
2. Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
3. Queensland University of Technology
4. Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
5. National University of Singapore
6. Osaka University

Day 1 / October 20

Northrop Grumman Engineers Mentor Students Competing in RobotX Unmanned Sea Battle

SINGAPORE - Oct. 20, 2014 - Northrop Grumman is expanding its support for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education across the globe by sponsoring the Maritime RobotX Challenge in Singapore, Oct. 20-26. Bringing together 15 teams of university students from five countries (United States, Singapore, Korea, Japan and Australia), RobotX challenges each team to develop and test a highly-capable unmanned surface vessel (USV).

In addition to the company's sponsorship of the RobotX competition, two Northrop Grumman employees are serving as mentors and judges. Guidance and control engineer Kyle Palmer and systems engineer Tyler Tamashiro are working with the university students during the boats' practice rounds and later judging the boats performance as they attempt a series of land-based and in-water tasks.

Maritime RobotX Challenge, Singapore

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Day 2 / October 21

Maritime RobotX Challenge - Our Engineers

Day 2 Recap - [ AUVSI Foundation ]

photo 1
National University of Singapore students
prepare for the in-water competition.
photo 1
Queensland University of Technology's USV
gets lifted over into Marina Bay for a practice round.

photo 3
University student team members check on
their USV after it completes a practice round.
photo 4
Student teams work on their unmanned boats
in view of Singapore's famous buildings.

Day 3 / October 22

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Day 4 / October 23

Day 4 Recap - [ AUVSI Foundation ]

Day 5 / October 27

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photo 1
Several dignitaries "launch" unmanned surface vessels to start the competition. L to R: Japanese Deputy Chief of Mission, William Tan, U.S. Ambassador to Singapore, Kirk Wagar, Permanent Secretary (Defence Development), Major-General (NS) Ng Chee Khern, and Second Permanent Secretary (Health), Australian High Commissioner, Philip Green, and Korean Deputy Chief of Mission.
photo 1
One USV from each country is launched to mark the official start of the competition.

photo 3
U.S. Ambassador to Singapore, Kirk Wagar, speaks with members of the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University team.
photo 4
Members of the Seoul National University team tweak their USV.
photo 3
Members of the University of Newcastle team finalize their boat before starting an in-water course.
photo 4
Osaka University's USV makes its way through one of the in-water courses.

Day 6 / October 27

photo 1
Osaka University’s USV makes its way to park in a docking bay, one of the in-water competition tasks.
photo 1
From chase boats, the judges, including Northrop Grumman’s Kyle Palmer and Tyler Tamashiro, followed and evaluated each USV’s performance through the course.

photo 3
Members of the University of Newcastle team pose with their USV.
photo 4
Korean Advanced Institute for Science and Technology’s (KAIST) USV makes its way through the course in Marina Bay.

Day 7 / October 28

Day 7 Recap - [ AUVSI Foundation ]

photo 1
Singapore students enjoy a presentation on Lego robots during the Technology Showcase.
photo 1
Singaporean students had the chance to play with robots during the Technology Showcase, sponsored by the Singapore Science Centre, and held in conjunction with the Maritime RobotX Challenge.

photo 3
The MIT/Olin College and Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) teams celebrate together after the awards ceremony.
photo 4
The Osaka University and National University of Singapore teams celebrate together after the awards ceremony.

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News Release: Northrop Grumman Engineers Mentor Students Competing in RobotX Unmanned Sea Battle

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